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What We Could Do

Stainless steel products include:

stainless steel bar, stainless steel plate,stainless steel sheet,stainless steel pipe (seamless steel pipe,welded steel pipe,decorative pipe, product steel pipe),stainless steel flanges,stainless steel pipe fittings ( elbow , tee , reducer , cap , stud ends) stainless steel wire rope,stainless steel cable,fasteners(bolts,nuts,washers,screws) and other standard parts or non-standard finished machining parts, etc.

Cobalt alloy products include:

UMCO50 round bar,round pipe,nozzle,bushing,sleeves,pad,casting cobalt alloy products

Petrochemical Industry:

Cracking furnace tube(Ethylene,styrene)

Reformer tube(Hydrogen/Ammonia/Methanol)

Inlet/Outlet Manifold

Glass Industry:

Lift-out roller            

Annealing Lehr roller           

 FF800 Roller

Titanium and titanium alloy products include:

Titanium bar,rod,Titanium plate,Titanium sheet,titanium alloy pipe system and accessories,Titanium flange,Titanium forging parts,titanium standard parts;Titanium fasteners,Titanium bicycle frame,Titanium outdoor products etc                                  


Heat-resisting steel centrifugal cast pipe and accessories

( metallurgical and petrochemical usage)

Metallurgical and Heat-treatment Industry:

Furnace roller

Radiant tube

DRI Reformer tube

Aluminium and aluminium alloy products:

mainly for Aluminium and aluminium alloy bars,aluminium plate,aluminium sheets,coils,and finished machining Aluminium and aluminium alloy parts



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