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Cobalt alloy Co-50, and Cobalt 50,UmCO50 as a heat resistant alloy material is particularly used for thre parts which required oxidation resistance,high temperature strength,also requires thermal corrosion resistance,thermal impact resistance and wear resistance of the application environment, in the oxidation atmosphere containing sulfur, heavy oil or other fuel combustion product medium has very good thermal corrosion resistance.

Cobalt alloy UMCO50 physical properties features and applications:
The density of Co-50 Cobalt 50
8.05 g/cm3
UMCO50 Melting point
1380-1395 ℃
The resistivity mu Ωm
Thermal expansion coefficient μm/ M. k
UMCO50 Cobalt alloy featurerCorrosion resistance in dilute sulfuric acid and nitric acid
high oxidation resistance
Minimum value of mechanical properties of Co-50 Cobalt 50 alloy at room temperature
umco 50 cobalt alloy products applicationnozzle of coal chemical industry
furnace parts heat-resistant
steel mills pad umco50
UMCO50 Sleeves

The physical and chemical properties of cobalt determine that it is an important raw material for the production of heat-resistant alloys,cemented carbide,anticorrosive alloys,magnetic alloys and various cobalt salts.

Cobalt has good high temperature performance,cobalt-based alloys and cobalt-containing alloy steels are used in gas turbine blades,impellers,conduits and various high load heat resistant parts.

Cobalt can be used as an additive in acid - resistant alloys.

Cobalt is a good magnetic material in electric industry because it can improve magnetic saturation strength and Curie point of fe-based,al-Ni based and rare earth alloys,and it has high coercive force

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