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classify stainless steel

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classify stainless steel

Stainless steels are classified according to their metallurgical structure:

Austenitic stainless steel,

Ferritic stainless steel,

Martensitic stainless steel,

precipitation hardening stainless steel

Duplex stainless steel


With five categories of stainless steels available – each differentiated by the alloying elements added to iron, carbon and chromium – we offer a complete range of solutions.


Austenitic stainless steels contain chromium and nickel.

Austenitics stainless steel or 300 series 
0.015 to 0.10% carbon, 16 to 21% chromium, 6 to 26% nickel, 0 to 7% molybdenum. The presence of nickel improves corrosion resistance in certain media and makes stainless steel more ductile. The presence of molybdenum further enhances the resistance to corrosion in an acid medium. The most common grades are 304/304L and 316/316L.

Applicationsof austentic stainless steel
Boiler market, aeronautics, electronic components, railway equipment, tubes, chemical tanks and food vats, marine applications, containers, etc.

Heat resistant steel applications
Heating systems, resistor jackets, furnace equipment,furnace tube etc

Austenitics with manganese or 200 series 
These are chromium manganese steels, with a low nickel content (always below 5%).

Applications usually as Asphalt tankers, tubes, food containers, silos, conveyor chains, safety soles, etc.


Ferritics or 400 series: ferritic stainless steels Unlike other stainless steels,this doesn’t contain nickel and is thus immune from the erratic price fluctuations of this alloying element. As a result, prices are more stable over time

0.02 to 0.06% carbon, 10.5 to 30% chromium, 0 to 4% molybdenum. Commonly used internally, these grades are now being developed for envelope and structural products.

Applications used for Car exhaust systems, conveyor chains, cooking utensils, boilers, domestic appliances, trim, dishware, heating, hot water tanks, tubes, etc.


Austeno-ferritics or Duplex stainless steel
0.02% carbon, 0 to 4% molybdenum, 1 to 7% nickel and 21 to 26% chromium. These stainless steels not only offer excellent quality, because of their low nickel content – a material that suffers from highly speculative prices – they are also very cost effective.Applications Oil, gas, pulp and paper, desalination sectors, chemical industry, etc.


0.1% carbon, 10.5 to 17% chromium. 

Cutlery, cutting tools, hand tools, springs, etc. 

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