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U type radiant tube used for CAL and CGL

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U type radiant tube used for CAL and CGL,centrifugal casting radiant tube for galvanizing line heating furnace and furnace like CAL(continuous annealing line),CGL(Continuous galvanizing line).

U-shaped radiant tube a pipe that extends straight from the center in all directions refers to a non-central pipe (or main pipe) whose function is to transport the material of the main pipe to the specified or unspecified address.

U type radiant tube used for CAL and CGLRadiant tube is used in today's social applications: Radiation tube furnace adopts advanced intelligent one-button control combustion and heat preservation technology, to ensure better thermal efficiency and lower natural gas consumption after production verification, performance fully meet or even exceed the performance of some imported gas furnace, at the same time in the safety and reliability of comprehensive consideration, so that customers have no worries at all 

U type Radiating tubes have a wide range of applications as below: 

(1) heat treatment with protective atmosphere 

(2) requires that the temperature distribution in the furnace is fairly uniform and the temperature of heating and cooling can be arbitrarily given furnace 

(3) so that the material and combustion gas moisture separated from heating, and, the number of air change, favorable for radiation heating occasions 

(4) for the heating of liquid and as a heat source of salt melting furnace 

(5) requires low operating cost, high efficiency and low noise occasions 

(6) heating slender member, requiring a small number of burners occasions, such as roller furnace small push steel furnace

Not only U type radiant tube,also W,P,O,I type centrifugally casting radiant tubes,we could supply you as your design with one stop service,supply MTC including the welding test report,PT test and sizes report for your do not worry.

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