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Titanium Welded Tubes

Titanium Welded Tubes is economy compare with titanium seamless tube
Titanium weled tubes sizes usually big diamter or thin wall thickness
Titanium welded tube sizes OD 6-1200mm,Thickness0.35-20MM
Titanium welded tube material usually pure titanium grade2
  • OD6-1200MM
  • Ruiyang
  • 810890

Titanium tube large or small sizes titanium tube,titanium seamless pipe,titanium welded tube supply,one stop service in titanium tube and titanium alloy tube.Titanium Welded Tubes are economy with the seamless titanium tubes.

Our Titanium Welded Tubes supply detailed as below with table

Executive Standard for titanium tube
GB/T3625,ASTM B338, ASTM B862
Titanium tube Material:
TA1, TA2, Gr1, Gr2,Gr5,Gr10 and others
Welding Titanium tube Specification: 

Outside diameter: 6mm-1200mm,

Wall thickness: 0.35mm-20mm,

Weled titanium tube Length: 
According to customers' requirements.
Tolerance of titanium welding tube
As per standard requirements, or according to customers' tech requirements.
Titanium welded tubes Heat treatment: 
In-line bright annealing 
Welding titanium pipe Surface bright or acid washing
Advantages of our ti tubesWell-proportioned wall thickness and high precision wall thickness,right sizes control and good quality
Power Plant Condenser, Sea Water Desalinization, Petroleum, Chemicals, Medical Appliance, Ship Building, Papermaking, Food Processing, Fluid Transportation Piping, Automobile Exhaust Pipe and so on. 
OEM service in welding titanium tubeaccording to special requirements,such as wall thickness tolerance,hardness,surface requirements and others

Titanium chemical components widely used in titanium welded tubes as below:


Features of welded Titanium tubes:

1)characters such as Safety, health, environmental protection,made by titanium strips and titanium sheet,ti plate

2)the resistant to corrosion excellent

3)Light weight, thickness and out diameter so variously

4)easy cutting, huge deformation&heat-resistance

5)tensile strengthen and good be flexible etc

Top quality Titanium and titanium alloy pipes,seamless or welded titanium tube we supply,together with titanium flanges and titanium elbows,titanium tee,titanium reducer,titanium stub end,titanium caps and titanium sheets,titanium plate,titanium fasteners supply.Welcome to contact us for titanium tube and titanium and titanium alloy pipe tube inquiry,just mail us info@topqualityalloy.com

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