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Titanium Valves

Titanium valves customed a wide range of Titanium valves, including: Titanium Ball Valves, Titanium Needle Valves, Titanium Check Valves, Titanium Globe Valve, Titanium Gate Valves , and Titanium Y Strainer.
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Titanium valves are made of titanium metal materials with strong corrosion environment oxidation film has good stability and self-passivation ability, this feature to resist a variety of harsh working conditions strong corrosion.Titanium valves customed here one stop service,Titanium ball valve,titanium butterfly valve,titanium gate valve,titanium globe valve, titanium check valve, titanium plug valve, titanium discharge valves and others.

Titanium valves and titanium alloy valves charactors:Ti valves with light weight,high strength,corrosion resistance, good pressure resistance and other outstanding advantages,they are widely used in aviation,space development, ocean engineering,petroleum,chemical,light industry,food processing,metallurgy,electric power,medicine and health, instrumentation and other industry sectors.

Titanium also has excellent corrosion resistance and erosion resistance of seawater, so it has become a "new star" of corrosion resistant materials for ships, and has been widely used in ships, coastal power stations and seawater desalination.

Titanium alloy valves grade:titanium Gr. 5 ,Gr. 7 and Gr.12.Titanium alloys are aliased R50400, R50550 and R56400 in UNS. The DIN standards are named 3.703, 3.7035, 3.7164, and 3.7165, while the ASTM designation is A182 316Ti.

Pure titanium Valve body:Titanium (TA2)

Valve plate: Titanium (TA2)

Valve stem: Titanium (TA2)

Valve seat: PFM (VITON) 

Operation: turbine

Titanium alloy valves are known for their high strength to weight ratio.Titanium alloy is a low-density strong metal with good ductility.

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