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Titanium Threaded Flange

we are titanium threaded flange factory could supply kinds of Ti thread flanges standard and non standard
  • DN10-3000MM
  • Ruiyang
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Titanium Threaded Flanges refers to a flange that uses threads to connect pipes,Similar to slip-on but bore is threaded enabling assembly without welding.Thread flange advantage is that no welding is required.The disadvantage is that the flange thickness is large and the cost is higher,usually suitable for connection of high pressure pipeline. 

Our Titanium thread flanges we could supply as below in table:
Titanium thread pipe flanges material Titanium and Titanium alloy Gr1,Gr2,Gr5,Gr7,Gr12,Gr23
Thread flanges in titanium and titanium alloy standard ANSI, bs, DIN, JIS, ASME, ANSI/ASME B16.5,DIN,EN1902-1
Ti thread flanges sizes
Working pressure 0.1-40Mpa
Thread flanges sealing surface RF, MF, TG, RJ, FF

We supply top quality titanium thread flanges to many fields including machine factory,automotive,chemical,oil and gas,petrochemical,shipbuilding,medical factory and related projects usage.

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Titanium Slip on flange

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