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Titanium Orifice Flanges

Titanium Orifice Flanges customed
Titanium Orifice flange dimensions are covered in ASME B16.36.
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  • DN10-3000MM
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Titanium Orifice Flanges Provides access for metering off gases or liquids.Usually with orifice plate or flow nozzle for the purpose of measuring the flow rate of either liquids or gases in the respective pipeline.  Clamps between a pair of flanges when installed in line and is referred to as an orifice flange union. 

Titanium and titanium alloy Orifice flanges are available from Class #300 to Class #2500.

Class #300 flanges are available in threaded, slip-on and weld neck end types.

Class# 600 and above flanges are available in only weld neck type end connection.

titanium orifice flange dimensions

Titanium orifice flanges Standards

ASME ANSI B16.5,ASME ANSI B16.47. API 605,API 6L. MSS SP 44 CSA Z245.12 EN1092-1,EN1759-1. DIN2565, DIN2566, DIN2567, DIN2568, DIN2569 BS1560,BS 4504,BS 10. AFNOR NF E29-200-1 ISO7005-1 AS2129 JIS B2220 

UNI 2276. UNI 2277.UNI 2278 .UNI 6089 .UNI 6090

Ti Orifice flanges Size DN
1/2″ – 118″ (DN15 to DN3000)
Titanium and titanium alloy flange Material
GR1,GR2,GR5,GR7,Ti-6Al-4V and others
Pressure of Ti orifice flanges

Class 150 ,Class 300, Class 600, Class 900A ,Class 1500,Class 2500,PN2.5, PN6, PN10, PN16, PN25, PN40, PN63,PN100,PN160,PN250,PN320,PN400. 

Flange Sealing Facing Types of ti flanges

Flat face(FF),Raised face(RF), Tongue(T), Groove(G), Female(F),Male(M),Ring type joints face(RJ/RTJ) 

Type A(Flat Face),Type B(Raised Face),Type C(Tongue),Type D(Groove),Type E(Spigot),Type F(Recess),Type G(O-Ring Spigot),Type H(O-Ring Groove) 

Quality guarantee of titanium flanges process control+inspection control of Outer & Inner Diameter of body,Bolt Circle & Bolt hole Diameter, Thickness of weld end Length of the Hub,Straightness and alignment of the bolt hole Tap holes dimensions  

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