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Titanium Metal Plate

Titanium Metal Plate Supply in Pure titanium plate and alloyed titanium plate
Ti Metal Plate Sizes:Thickness:0.3-100mm thin ti plate and thick plate
Cold rolled or hot rolled,forged
Cutting to length and oem service supply,welcome contact us for inquiry
  • 0.3-100mm thickness
  • Ruiyang
  • 810890

Titanium Metal Plate supply one stop service here,cold rolled or hot rolled,titanium and titanium alloy metal plate

Our Titanium metal plate detailed as below in table:

ti metal plate manufacturing Standards
Ti metal plate material grades
Pure titanium gr1,gr2,titanium alloy gr5,gr7,gr9,gr11,gr12 and others
Ti metal plate Ti sheet sizes

Thickness: 0.3-3mm cold rolled;

above3-100mm hot rolled/forged

cutting to length per order
Ti metal sheet surface
acid washing or polished
Ti metal plate sheet process
Titaniucold roll,hot rolled,hot forged
Titanium metal plate sheet applications
making welded titanium pipe ti tube,anti-corrosion,titanium anode,vessel,chemical,ocean projects,industrial equipments,armored vehicles,aerospace design,and medical,even normal life usage.

titanium metal plate usage

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