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Thin Nuts

Thin nuts Titanium metal nuts supply and customed one stop service
Titanium jam nuts produce and supply M1.6-M52
  • m1.6-m52
  • Ruiyang
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Titanium thin nuts have a high strength-to-weight ratio and resist acids and salt water.

Ti thin nuts also called Titanium jam nuts,half the height of standard hex nuts. 

Ti thin nuts In low-clearance applications or jam one against another nut to hold it in place

Titanium thin nuts are nonmagnetic

Thin nuts in titanium nuts and titanium alloy nuts one stop service here.

Titanium thin nuts

Detailed of Titanium thin nuts we supply as below in table:

thin nuts standard manufacturing thin nuts sizes
Din985 prevailing torque type hexagon thin nuts-non metalic insert Din985 thin nuts sizes M3-M48
Din439 Chamfered Hexagon thin nuts
DIN439 thin nuts sizes M1.6-M52
as drawings customed by drawings

Thin nutsStandard Hex nuts and heavy nuts we also supply,also titanium bolts and nuts,washers,cnc parts,forging titanium parts,welcome contact us for thin nuts in Titanium fasteners.Meanwhile,other thin nuts in stainless steel,brass we also supply,Just mail us info@topqualityalloy.com for inquiry and order thin nuts.

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  NO.80 weiyang road,Weiyang district,Xi'an,China




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