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Static Casting Tube

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Static Casting Tube mainly process with precision casting or investment casting tube for radiant tube parts and valves and pump parts or cnc parts,even titanium valves casting parts.

Radiant tube parts mainly static casting elbows 180 degree,U type elbows,W type elbows,then welded with centrifugal casting tube joined with radiant tubes,mainly casting steel grades are ZG40Cr25Ni20Si2, ZG40Ni35Cr25Nb,ZG45Ni48Cr28W5Si2

Radiant tube

Static casting tube parts of Precision casting tube usually with an CAE computer which was used to design casting process and test production.Complex and precise shell mold,using urea core and wax type combination.Shell mold adopts silica sol hardening process to improve surface finish.Special shell mold baking equipments,maily produce valves body and pump body and outside tube welded parts.static casting products

Radiant coils parts,reformer tube parts such as pigtail also need static casting tube

Meanwhile,we also could do sand casting and sand mould casting products,casting cobalt alloy pad used for the water beam slide block.Widely used for hot rolled slab walking beam heating furnace, welded on water beam, supporting high temperature slab sliding.Commonly used steel grades cobalt alloy like ZGCo20, ZGCo40, ZGCo50

More,we could do static casting bracket,bracket used for hanging radiation tube of heat treatment furnace with wide and thick plate.Commonly used steel grade: ZG40Cr25Ni20(25-20 Steel,1.4848)

We could do one stop service in static casting tube and static casting products,centrifugal casting tubes,radiant tubes,reformer tubes,catalyst tubes,furnace tube,roller and steel mills parts for your choice.Welcome contact us for inquiry and order just mail us info@topqualityalloy.com



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