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Stainless Steel Wire Rope Thimble

Designed to prevent crushing or overstressing wire rope at the terminal end which is used to protect the eye of a wire rope or sling.Single stainless steel wire rope thimbles produce and supply
High quality stainless steel wire rope cable thimbles combo and aluminum crimping loop sleeve assortment kit supply various types
SS wire rope thimble application: Ideal for dog leashes, clothes lines, marine and industrial rigging and wire rope applications or anything else that require strong cable.
  • 2-32mm
  • Ruiyang
  • 73262090

Stainless steel wire rope thimbles are one types of wire rope fittings (ferrules,shackles,terminals, etc.)

We could supply you Stainless Steel Wire Rope Thimbles according to your sizes,also could send you finished products with ss wire rope clamps,shackle,turnbuckles,stainless steel wire rope ferrules,wire rope thimble and ferrule,3/16 wire rope thimble,1/4 wire rope thimble,1/8 wire rope thimble,wire rope thimble and clamp for your save time and easier to do the wire rope thimble installation.

304 stainless steel wire rope Thimbles are made of 304 stainless steel,offers good corrosion resistance and rust resistance; crimping loop sleeve are made of aluminum, hard and sturdy,allow you to use for a long time. 

316 stainless steel wire rope thimble has the best corrosion resistance among standard stainless steels. It resists pitting and corrosion by most chemicals, and is particular resistant to saltwater corrosion.

Stainless steel wire rope thimble sizes
SS wire rope thimble Material
stainless steel 316,304 stainless steel
Surface finish of wire rope thimble
Highly polish
Types of stainless wire rope thimbles Heavy duty thimble,Extra Heavy Duty Thimble,standard thimble,captive thimbe,towing bridle,European type thimble,Italian type thimble,DIN6899A thimble,tube thimble,commercial thimble
Package of ss thimble bag,carton box,pallets or wooden box

stainless steel wire rope thimble

Wire rope Thimbles are perfect for wire ropes terminating in a loop and are one of the most commonly used end fittings.The purpose of thimbles are to underline and support the eyes made by looping the exteriors of wire ropes.

Thimbles create a durable wear surface & aid in supporting the wire rope eye. For steel cable.They are used to help protect the steel wire-rope which forms the eye,and therefore will greatly extend the working life of the rope,they also add extra rigidity to a soft loop making it stronger and much easier installation.widely used in the fields of Sail boats and yachts, cable railing, and for shade sails with wire ropes

Due to stainless steel thimbles allows for the use in highly corrosive environments; As such, stainless steel thimbles supply additional security from erosion and deformation of the eye. In settings where a highly corrosive environment is not likely,with more durability with wire ropes together.

Welcome contact us for stainless steel wire rope thimbles inquiry with your drawings and design,we have lots of sizes to be best suit your needs.

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