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Stainless Steel Pipe Applications

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Stainless Steel Pipe Applications

Stainless steel pipe,stainless steel tube,also called stainless steel hollow bars.Stainless steel pipe contains seamless stainless steel pipe,welded stainless steel pipe tube,centrifugal casting stainless steel pipe,coiled stainless steel pipe. 

Stainless steel pipe applications widely used as Commercial tubes,industry pipe,line pipe,water pipe,boiler pipe,hydraulic prop pipe,gas pipe,geological pipe,chemical industry pipe (high pressure chemical fertilizer pipe, oil cracking pipe),fluid pipelines,petroleum,heat-exchanges pipes,and tube for ships,electricity,water conservancy,aerospace,navigation shipbuilding,environmental protection and boiler heat ex-changer pipe,physical structure,chemical fiber,smelt,Heat preservation and refrigeration,paper making,weapon,guns pipe, food industry,chemical engineering,ocean-engineering,medicine,medical machinery,mechanical structure,mechanical-equipment,textile,nuclear power,aviation,automobile,plastic electronics,architecture& architectural engineering construction, high deep polishing decoration,,building material,construction,Stair handrail, window, rail, road partition, components fittings, kitchen equipment, transport tools, waste  water treatment equipment,Nitric acid and food processing equipment and other related usages.    

Due to Features of stainless steel pipes as below: 

  1. characters such as Safety, health, environmental protection economy applicable

  2. good surface

  3. the resistant to corrosion

  4. less weight than bars

  5. thickness and out diameter so variously

  6. easy cutting, huge deformation

  7. tensile strengthen and good be flexible etc.

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