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Stainless Steel Hardware for Shade Sail

Stainless Steel Hardware for Shade Sail used for outdoor products with below advantages
1:Our wire rope assembiles have multiple outdoor uses
2:Easy to install
3:Flexible assembly to meet different scenarios
4:The installation tool provides one-step service
5:Plastic coated packaging is very safe and injury-free
6.Hardware quality are good quality
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  • M3-M5
  • Ruiyang
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Stainless Steel Hardware for Shade Sail outdoor products detailed as below:

List of the stainless sun shade sail hardware kits specific quantity weight of each hardware(g)
stainless steel wire rope coated1.5mm to 2.0mm,7x7,balck shaft packing
1 reel(25m per reel) single length or customed length 330
M3 stainless steel rope clamps 6 34.8
M5 stainless steel eye straps 3 25.4
stainless steel screws 8 18.4
M5 stainless snap hook carabiners 2 31.5
M5 stainless steel turnbuckles 2 77.8
wrench tool supply 1 46.6

m5 snap hook carabiners

stainless steel screw
m5 turnbuckles and wrench

m3 rope clamps

Application and installation

stainless tent hardware

Firstly, fix the eye straps with a cross screw pen
Second, two ways of fixing wire rope:
1.Insert the wire rope into the snap hook, fix the steel wire by 2 single clamps and use a small wrench to tighten the screw,
loosen the snap hook to the maximum, adjust the snap hook according to the tightness of the wire rope
2.Insert the wire rope into the turnbuckle, fix the steel wire by 2 single clamps

Finally, hang the fixed wire rope by the eye straps


The above assembly is a complete set,we pack them eight sets to one carton.

packing size of each carton:160x160x80 (mm)

packing size of total:340x340x200(mm)

In bulk by sea or by air package as below pictures

Stainless Steel Hardware for Shade Sail

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