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Stainless Steel Finish

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stainless steel finish

What are the surface conditions of stainless steel?

There are many kinds of stainless steel surface, and each has its own representation. The following is the stainless steel surface state representation method and other related content.


No. 1 silvery white, matte, hot rolled to the specified thickness, annealed and descaled, a rough, matte surface, suitable for use without surface gloss.


No. 2D silver white, a matte finish with heat treatment and pickling after cold rolling and sometimes a final light rolling on the roughened roll.2D products are used for the purpose of not strict surface requirements, general materials, deep drawing materials.


The luster of 2b is stronger than that of No. 2D and 2B, and then it is cold rolled by polishing roller to obtain proper luster. This is the most commonly used surface finish, which can also be used as the first step in polishing.


BA is as bright as a mirror, without standard, but it is usually bright annealed surface processing, with high surface reflectance. Commonly used in building materials, kitchen equipment, etc.


No. 3 rough grinding is obtained by grinding No. 1, 2b and other materials with 100-200 mm abrasive abrasive belt. Commonly used in decoration, kitchen utensils, etc.


The No. 4 intermediate grinding uses 150-180 abrasive abrasive abrasive belt to grind No. 1, 2b and other materials to obtain the polished surface. This is a general purpose, bright surface with visible "grains" that has a certain specular reflection. Commonly used in mechanical equipment frame, elevator car, all kinds of tanks, etc.


No. 240 fine grinding the surface obtained by grinding No. 1, 2b and other materials with 240 abrasive abrasive abrasive belt.


No. 320 superfine grinding the surface of No. 1, 2b and other materials is obtained by using 320 abrasive abrasive abrasive belt.


The luster of No. 400 is close to that of Ba, and No. 2b is grinded with a 400 ᦇ polishing wheel.


HL hair striation grinding material with appropriate particle size is used for hair striation grinding (150-240 mm)


No. 7 is close to the mirror surface grinding, and it is grinded with 600 ා rotary polishing wheel. For art and decoration.


8K mirror surface grinding is a bright mirror state obtained by repeated grinding with a polishing wheel. Special equipment inside and outside wall, decoration, etc.



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