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Radiant tubes

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Radiant tubes are A pipe that runs straight from the center in all directions is a noncentral pipe (or trunk pipe) that carries the action material of the trunk pipe to a designated or undesignated address.

Radiant tubes Classification:

Gas radiation pipes are classified according to the structure type, including straight pipe type, bushing type, U type, W type, O type, P type, etc

Radiant tubes are usually Fired-gas radiant-tube.It is the heating equipment used in industrial kilns.

The primary form of heat conduction is radiation industrial kilns.The use of gas radiation tube heating equipment can reduce the infrastructure construction and operation cost of the kilns, improve labor efficiency and increase the service life of the kilns,The combustion atmosphere and combustion products of gas radiant tube do not immediately touch the heated castings to further improve the quality of goods. It is currently used in metal heat treatment and drying industry in manufacturing industry

The characteristics of gas radiant tube are as follows: 

1) Heat transfer mode of radiation is used to heat materials; 

2) The combustion exhaust gas is not directly discharged into the furnace, which can conveniently control and adjust the atmosphere in the furnace; 

3) Although the heating temperature is limited by the heat resistance temperature of the radiation tube, the temperature in the furnace can be controlled by the different number and placement of the radiation tube; 

4) Because the heating and cooling speed is fast, and the adjustment range is large, it can achieve more complex temperature control and heating program;

5) According to the type and use of the furnace, choose different forms of radiation tube, such as straight tube tube u-tube, even for the radiation tube with complex shape and small diameter, can also achieve stable combustion, temperature distribution uniformity is good 

6) The waste heat recovery device can be conveniently installed to preheat the gas air with the heat of combustion products and improve the thermal efficiency of the furnace. 

7) Long service life, easy maintenance, repair and replacement; 

8) Low noise, low emission of pollutants

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