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Honed Cylinder

Views: 0     Author: honed cylinder tube supplier Ruiyang company     Publish Time: 2022-03-07      Origin: honed tube supplier SHAANXI RUIYANG IMPORT AND EXPORT CO.,LTD

Honed cylinder is necessary for the Honed cylinder tubes when you replace your piston rings of piston rod.Honing is a process intended to perfect bore geometry and precision sizes by removing a minimal metal layer while generating a finish pattern to provide optimum lubricant retention. The hone process produces extremely tight tolerances in straightness, roundness, size, and surface finish of cylindrical bores,very precision cylinder tubes.

After change your piston rods,If you don't hone the cylinder, the new rings you put in will not seal well. As strange as it may sound, the slightly rough, honed surface will allow the new rings to find their own sweet spot on the cylinder wall.The cylinder and the rings wear together over time,it is not good for your cylinder and new piston rods,maybe affected your engine power.

When honed cylinder it is necessary with special tools such as 

hydraulic cylinder honed tube

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