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Grade 2 titanium

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Grade 2 titanium are most used in pure titanium and titanium alloy grades.Such as Grade 2 titanium pipe,gr2 Titanium pipe fittings and gr2 Ti flanges,Gr2 Titanium bars,wires,rod,plate,sheet,bolts and nuts

Grade 2 titanium are used in chemical processes, since they are highly resistant to oxidizing media, alkaline media, organic acids and compounds, aqueous salt solutions and hot gases. 

Grade 2 titanium is corrosion resistant to nitric acid, mildly reducing acids and wet chlorine or bromine gasses. 

Grade 2 titanium is also used to manufacture heat exchangers. 

Grade 2 titanium resists saltwater corrosion at temperatures up to 600 °F. It is valuable in marine environments and in desalination plants. 

Grade 2 titanium is also used in power stations and in hydrocarbon plants.

Grade 2 is a ''commercially pure'' titanium with moderate strength and excellent corrosion resistance and formability. Grade 2 titanium represents the most widely used of titanium’s 30 standard forms.

Gr2 titanium products shape:

TypeSizesSchedulesASTM Standards
Gr2 titanium Bar

Gr2 titanium Butt Weld Fittings1/2″ thru 12″Sch 10, 40, 80, 160 & XXHB363
Gr2 titanium Forgings

Gr2 titanium Pipe Seamless1/2″ thru 6″Sch 40B861
Gr2 Pipe Welded1″ thru 4″Sch 10B862
Gr2 Tube, Welded

Gr2 Tube, Seamless ti tube

Gr2 titanium Plate titanium sheet

Gr2 Flange & Forged FittingsAll Descriptions
Gr2 titanium bolts and nutsall sizes

Gr2 titanium wire ropes

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