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Gr2 Titanium Stub End

Gr2 Titanium Stub End with 2 types,short type and long type,like stainless steel stub ends,it is one of the butt-weld pipe fittings in pipe line systems.
Grade 2 titanium stub end short types follow MSS Short standard
Gr2 titanium pipe stub ends long type follow ANSI standard
Titanium stub ends pipe fittings follow the dimensional tolerances conform to ASME B16.9
Wall thickness of stub ends in Titanium pipe fitting follow ASME B36.19M
Seamless Gr2 titanium stud ends and welded titanium Ta2 stub ends we could supply
Surface of the Gr2 titanium stub ends could be acid washing and cnc turned bright
Titanium stub end sealing surface could be supplied with a serrated spiral finish per ASME B16.5 or customed
Marked could be customed by clients,welcome contact us for titanium stub ends pipe fittings inquiry
  • 1/2''-72''
  • RuiYang
  • 810890

ASTM B363 Lap joint Gr2 titanium stub end is one of the Titanium butt welding fittings,Ruiyang company could supply you full sizes of titanium stub ends pipe fittings,seamless titanium stub ends and welded titanium stub ends of your choice.

Our Grade 2 titanium stub ends supply details as below in table

Titanium Grade 2 stub ends butt weld pipe fittings
Pure Titanium material grade in stub endstitanium grade 2 (UNS R50400),ASTMB363 WPT2
Titanium stub ends manufacturing standardASME B16.5,ASME B16.9.MSS SP43, GB27684, EN1092, DIN2642
Gr2 Stub ends sizes1/2''-72'',sch5s-xxs
Titanium stub ends long types Code
Titanium stub ends short type codeSeamless: SE(S)
Stub end surfaceacid washing or customed
Titanium stub end pipe fittings made materialtitanium pipes and titanium plate
Test CertificateSupplied
How to buy Gr2 titanium stub ends from us when you inquiry and ordered
  1. stud ends and types

  2. grade,specs

  3. pcs

  4. spcial requirements if you have

  5. standard of manufacturing

Gr2 titanium stub ends consists and how to use

There are two sections of the Gr2 stub ends,the straight pipe length and the lap,also called butt-welded rings.It is usually used with a lap-joint flange or backing ring to form a bolted assembly. The straight pipe length shall be furnished with the same outside diameter and wall thickness as that of the piping.The lap thickness shall not be less than nominal pipe wall thickness.The diameter of lap conforms to standard machined facings of the RF flange. The fillet between the lap and the straight pipe length shall be furnished to avoid stress concentration.The radius of fillet, conforms to the radius established for the lap-joint flange or backing ring.

Gr2 Titanium Stub end Features

1)high strength.

2)fine corrosion resistance.

3)low density, light weight.

4)high and low temperature resistance.

Gr2 Titanium Stub End Application:

The Grade 2 titanium stub end & carbon steel lap-joint flange assembly not only provides economic solution for excellent corrosion resistance, but also facilitates frequent dismantling for inspection or routine maintenance in piping systems.Gr2 stub ends widely used in environmental protection equipment cooling pipe titanium heat pipe Electroplating equipment ring precision instruments

Gr2 Titanium Stub End could marked customed,welcome contact us for titanium pipe fittings inquiry such as titanium elbow,titanium tee,titanium reducer,titanium end caps and related titanium flanges,titanium vlaves and joint parts titanium bolts and nuts with one stop service here.

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