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Furnace tube

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Furnace tube usually heat resistant steel pipes,could be rolled or drawn process,or could be centrifugal cast tubes,if some special material easier to be made from rolled pipe maybe economy than centrifugal casting tubes

Ruiyang company could supply you furnace tube in stainless steel pipes and spun cast tubes customed,both inside and out machined as your drawings.

Centrifugal casting is the casting method of casting and forming under centrifugal force field. The castings produced have no inclusion and porosity, compact structure, improved density and high yield. It is the main method of alloy steel pipe production. 

Centrifugal cast can manufacture: heat-resistant steel pipe, centrifugal casting furnace tube, corrosion resistant steel tube, stainless acid-resistant steel tube, high temperature resistant stainless steel tube, acid-proof cast iron pipe, heat resistant cast iron pipe, low chromium cast iron, nodular cast iron pipe, heat resistant nodular cast iron, grey cast iron pipe, ultra low carbon alloy steel pipe, large diameter thick wall steel pipe, high temperature resistant heat intensity steel pipe, steel pipe, stainless steel tubes, wear resistant steel pipe, small diameter stainless steel Tube,centrifugal casting tube,furnace tube, radiation tube, furnace roller, furnace roller, anti-wear tile, etc

Both rolled steel pipe and spun cast tube all could be think as seamless pipe for furnace tube,mainly used for tubular oven or tube heating furnace when heating

According to working temperatures,the furnace tube could be devided to low temperature,middle,high temperature furnace tubes,all of them we could supply you one stop service

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