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Din 912 m10

Views: 1     Author: Ruiyang company     Publish Time: 2022-01-01      Origin: SHAANXI RUIYANG IMPORT AND EXPORT CO.,LTD

DIN912 M10 stainless steel screws we supply with stainless steel 304,316,321,A2-70,a2-80,A4-70,A4-80,also titanium and titanium alloy DIN912 allen head screws

We get the order din912 M10x110MM,the drawings detailed as below:

din912 M10x110

DIN912 m10 sizes with below detailed sizes we supply with stock in table as below:

M10X12 M10X14 M10X15 M10X16 M10X18 M10X20 M10X22 M10X25 M10X30 M10X35
M10X40 M10X45 M10X50 M10X55 M10X60 M10X65 M10X70 M10X75 M10X80 M10X85
M10X90 M10X95 M10X100 M10X110 M10X115 M10X120 M10X130 M10X140 M10X150

Full sizes DIN912 screws we could supply you one stop service,not only for stainless steel screws,also titanium screws DIN912,welcome contact us for inquiry and order when you have demand for DIN912 M10 and others,just mail to info@topqualityalloy.com for inquiry and order.



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