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Din 6330 Steel Nuts

We produce and Supply High Precision DIN6330 Countersunk Head Heavy Hex Nuts
DIN 6330 Hexagon Nuts with a Height of 1.5d Stainless steel nuts produce and supply
DIN6330 Steel nuts strengthen class 10 supplier
Hex Coupling Nuts DIN6330 produce and supply
Stainless steel hexagonal nuts DIN6330 type produce and supply
  • M6-M64
  • Ruiyang
  • 731816

Din 6330 Steel Nuts Metric DIN 6330 Hexagon Nuts height 1.5 x Dia produce and supply in China.

DIN6330 hex nuts is a Heightening hex nuts type with 1.5D heights,DIN6330 Hexagon Nuts with One Spherical Face,One Plain Face.DIN6330 Nuts thicker than standard metric hex nuts in stainless steel nuts.

Din 6330 steel nuts with one of the faces is rounded matching DIN 6319 conical seats which in certain assemblies can compensate for uneven surfaces.Din6330 stainless steel hex nuts sizes diameters M6 to M64 available in A2 and marine grade A4 stainless steel,welcome contact us for inquiry of Din6330 stainless steel nuts,also duplex stainless steel,super alloy 904L and others,no matter the quantity you need,we could supply you without mini order.

DIN6330 steel hex nuts Related Standards
DIN6330 B Thick Hex Nuts,UNI5587,ISO4033
stainless steel hexagon nuts DIN6330304,316,A2,A4,2205,254SMO,904L
Hex nuts DIN6330 Steel materialMild(ASTM1008,ASTM1010),Medium Carbon steel(C35,C45),Alloy Steel(40Cr,35CrMo,4140)
Class and Grades of DIN 6330 hex steel nuts
From Class 4 to Class 12. 9
DIN6330 steel hex nuts Finished
Plain+ oil,Black,Zinc,HDG,Phosphated,Dacromet,Polished
MOQ of DIN6330 steel hexagon nutsno MOQ for stainless steel nuts

Dimensions of Metric DIN 6330 Hexagon Nuts height 1.5 x D if you need,please contact us for inquiry

When you found DIN 6330 steel hex nuts,who could supply the heavy nuts Din 6330 steel nuts in China,please mail info@topqualityalloy.com for inquiry,not only steel nuts,nickel nuts din 6330,titanium nuts Din 6330 we could supply you one stop service here.

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