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DIN 3093 Steel Wire Rope aluminium ferrules Sleeves

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DIN 3093 Steel Wire Rope aluminium ferrules Sleeves produce and supply with stock,Aluminum sleeves material usually Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy with original surface

DIN3093 Oval Sleeve Aluminium Crimp Ferrule sizes usually 2-60mm

Top quality aluminum ferrules and Aluminium Sleeves are manufactured per DIN3093.For safety in fabrication and application,our ferrues are made of strictly raw material corresponding to the standard DIN3093,Also EN13411-3 Regarding material composition and mechanical properties

DIN9039 Aluminum sleeves Usage Widely with wire rope rittings and cable fittings in lifting and with coated stainless steel wire ropes in our dailylife.

Related Aluminum ferrule for Steel Wire rope and steel wire cable as below in table

Aluminum sleeves and ferrule standard
Germany standard
DIN 3093 Aluminum tie size from 1mm to 60mm
American standard:
Aluminum ferrule figure 8 type: size from 1/16" to 1"
Japanese standard
aluminum tie: size from 6mm to 36mm
En13411 standard1-60mm
Non-standard aluminum partsdrawings or samples customed

Welcome contact us for din3093 steel wire rope aluminum ferrules sleeves inquiry from us,also EN13411 terminations steel wire ropes ferrule-securing usage of the oval type aluminum sleeves.



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