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Centrifugally Cast Stainless Steel

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Centrifugally Cast Stainless Steel material in heat resistant steel including the Ferritic stainless steel,martensitic stainless steel,austenitic stainless steel and precipitation hardening stainless steel,stainless steel supply the best choice for heat-resistant and mechanical properties in high temperature.

Centrifugal cast stainless steel in Ferritic mainly 17 Cr,430 stainless steel,27Cr,446 stainless steel pipe

Centrifugal cast stainless steel in Martensitic mainly 12Cr,420 Stainless steel pipe

Centrifugal cast stainless steel in Austenitic mainly 304,316,321,309,310,330,347 Stainless steel

Centrifugal cast stainless steel in Precipitation hardening,with the highest high temperture strengthen.

centrifugally cast stainless steel

Centrifugally cast stainless steel pipes usually sizes 57-1200mm DO.after the centrifuge high-speed rotation production of centrifugal steel pipe,will be high density,proportion can reach 8.0,uniform and dense organization,no porosity and other defects such as tensile strength close to the strength of rolled seamless pipe,stainless steel pipe size, length and quantity can be produced according to the needs of customers

stainless steel casting

Stainless steel casting is not only suitable for a variety of types of alloy casting, but also the production of casting size precision surface quality is higher than other casting methods, and even other casting methods are difficult to cast complex high temperature resistant casting is not easy to process, can be used investment precision casting.

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