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Centrifugal Casting

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Centrifugal casting is the technology and method of injecting liquid metal into a high-speed rotating mold to make the liquid metal fill the mold with centrifugal movement and form the casting. Because of the centrifugal motion, the liquid metal can fill the mold well in the radial direction and form the free surface of the casting; Cylindrical inner hole can be obtained without core; It helps to remove gases and inclusions from liquid metals; Influence the metal crystallization process, so as to improve the mechanical and physical properties of the casting    
Centrifugal casting is mostly tubular, sleeve, annular parts, metal liquid filling encountered small resistance, and centrifugal pressure or centrifugal force to strengthen the metal liquid filling capacity, so the casting temperature of centrifugal casting can be 5~10°C lower than gravity casting

Folding casting speed,Is an important process factor in centrifugal casting, different castings, different casting technology, casting speed is different.Too low casting speed will make the vertical centrifugal casting metal liquid filling bad, horizontal centrifugal casting metal liquid rain phenomenon, will also make the casting loose, slag inclusion, casting inner surface concave and convex inequality defects;The casting speed is too high, the casting is prone to cracks, segregation and other defects, sand centrifugal casting surface will form defects such as expansion box, but also make the machine appear large vibration, wear aggravation, power consumption is too large. Therefore, the selection principle of casting speed should be to select the minimum value on the premise of guaranteeing casting quality

Application of folding coating

The paint composition for centrifugal metal mold is similar to that for gravity metal mold casting. When casting slender centrifugal castings, it is difficult to remove the residual coating on the working surface of the casting mold, so the residual strength of the binder in the coating composition should be as low as possible after working at high temperature in order to facilitate removal.

Folding casting deforming

In order to improve production efficiency, casting stripping should be carried out as soon as possible under the premise of quality assurance. Sometimes in order to prevent the cracking of the casting, the casting after mold removal should be immediately put into the insulation furnace or buried in the sand pile to cool down. For some castings that are not easy to take off and need slow cooling to prevent cracking, the castings can be taken off from the centrifugal casting machine immediately after the casting stops rotating, and buried in the sand pile to cool slowly until the casting is taken off at room temperature

Fold casting quantity The inner diameter of centrifugal casting is often determined by the amount of liquid metal pouring, so the amount of liquid metal poured into the mold must be controlled during centrifugal casting to ensure the size of inner diameter. The pressure sensor installed on the castable shelf for centrifugal casting automatic quantitative and the electromagnetic pump quantitative casting of insulation induction furnace have also been used in production.

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