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Centrifugal Cast Tube

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Centrifugally cast tubes and Centrifugal casting pipe are also called centrifugal casting steel pipe,especially  for centrifugal casting of heat-resistant steel pipe.Because of the centrifugal casting method of production of centrifugal cast tube, with high efficiency and cast tube compact structure,they widely mainly used to deliver water, natural gas, atmosphere, oil and heating cold-drawn alloy pipe steam and other normal industrial gas pressure fluids and other purposes of welded steel pipe,in metallurgical equipment professional roller table, roller, cylinder block and furnace tube parts and radiant tubes,reformer tubes in petrochemical and metallurgy industries fields.

Charactors of the centrifugal cast tube:

Under the action of centrifugal force, the particle with lower density moves towards the center of rotation (inward floating). The denser particles move towards the wall (external subsidence). Their floating and sinking speed can be about G times than the general gravity casting, so the bubble and slag particles with smaller density can quickly move to the free surface or in the pouring feeding system in the middle of the casting mold, but the casting is easy to produce density segregation

Classification of Centrifugal casting tubes

centrifugal casting pipe can be divided into

water-cooled metal type centrifugal casting pipe
coating metal type centrifugal casting pipe
resin sand lined centrifugal casting pipe
sand type centrifugal casting pipe (eliminated)

Existing problems of the centrigual casting tubes

At present, although the centrifugal casting process has become increasingly perfect and the technology and equipment are parameterized, the following problems still exist: 

(1) Infrared control cylinder temperature can only measure the external temperature of the cylinder, the actual effective temperature is the internal temperature of the cylinder, especially the middle part of the longer cylinder, can only use manual on both ends of the cylinder with infrared temperature measurement. (2) After cleaning the type of cylinder, it will produce a large number of high temperature coating dust, resulting in workshop environment and air quality pollution. Cloth bag dust collection is difficult to collect, air suction type requires high-power motor and supporting facilities, there is no more environmentally friendly solution. 

(3) The casting of pipe diameter less than 50mm is still difficult. First, the metal is poured in, which is only solved by sprue pressure head injection at the present stage. Secondly, the small diameter cast pipe has high rotational speed and is prone to inclusions or pipe breaks, which need to be studied continuously

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