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446 stainless steel

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446 stainless steel is a high chromium,ferritic,heat resistant,stainless steel grade.

Type 446 is used for furnace parts,oil burners,heat exchangers,kiln liners,glass molds and stationary soot blowers in steam boilers.Type 446 is the only heat-resistant alloy that will tolerate molten copper and brass. The alloy does not, however, have good high-temperature strength. The nitrogen addition is for grain refinement.446 Stainless steel pipe properties:--suitable for high temperature applications:

Corrosion and Oxidation Resistance

Excellent corrosion resistance in many industrial environments.

Excellent oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures (up to 2000° F).

Fair Sulfidation resistance.

Good resistance to chlorides, organic acids, and molten copper.


446 steel pipes have a high ductile-to-brittle impact transition temperature.

It is recommended to work on 446 steel pipes at slow speeds with positive feeds with rigid mounts and sharp tooling surfaces.

Suggested preheating to 250-400° F.


Most conventional welding methods can be successfully employed with 406 stainless steel pipes.

Preheating and postheating to 300-600° F is suggested.

Austenitic weld fillers, like AWS E310 or E312 are generally used to maximize weld deposit ductility.

Oxyacetylene welding is not recommended.


Forging recommended to begin at 2100° F, and finish at 1600° F.

Grain refinement and room temperature embrittlement can be achieved by performing final 10% of work below 1600° F.

Hot Working
446 steel pipes is recommended between 2000 – 2150° F.
Cold Working
446 is more difficult to bend, draw, spin, and weld than other stainless steel due to its elevated chromium content.

Annealing, should be performed at 1550-1650° F followed by rapid cool.

Recommended to soak and water quench at 1500° F.

Do not exceed 1650° F at any time.

Slow cooling below 1200° F will result in the loss of ductility.


Stainless steel pipes of 446 grade do not respond to heat treatment.

446 Stainless steel chemical components:

Typical Chemical Composition % (max values, unless noted)
4460.12 max1.50 max0.75 max0.04 max0.03 maxmin: 23.0 max: 30.00.50 maxBalancemin: 0.10 max: 0.25

446 Stainless steel mechanical properties:

Typical Room Temperature Mechanical Properties
GradeTensile StrengthKSI (MPA)Yield Strength 0.2% KSI offset KSI (MPA)Elongation (% in 2ʺ(50.8 mm)Hardness (Brinell) MAXHardness (Rockwell B) MAX
446654020%159B95 Max

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