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304 Hex Bar

ASTM 304hexagonal bar and SUS 304 hollow hex bar
0Cr18Ni9 hex steel bar,06Cr19Ni10 stainless steel hex bar
1.4301 hex bars supplier and producer
Stainless Steel 304 - 1.4301 hex bars supply
  • 5-60mm flat to flat sizes
  • Ruiyang
  • 72222000

We are an audited supplier by SGS,BV professional supply kinds of stainless steel 304 hex bars with various sizes and length,sizes tolerance for your choice.

304 hex bars are most widely used in stainless steel hex bars,usually be making support parts and 304 cnc hex parts such as 304 hex nipple,304 stainless steel hex bolts and 304 stainless steel hex nuts and related products

ASTM A276 Standard Specification for Stainless Steel Bars and Shapes-304 hexagonal bars chemical components 

















304 hex bars quality control and guarantee:

304 hex solid bars usually make hot rolled raw hex bars and then annealed,surface inspection and grinding,then cold drawn and cutting to length or random length,polished or sand balsting

304 hex tubes usually be cold drawn also,304 stainless steel hollow bars most used are outside hex shapes inside round holes,also both inside and out side hex tube with highly surface clearance used in nuclear cladding tubes

304 hex bars

Hex stainless steel pipe fittings and cnc parts related supply one stop service

hex stainless steel

18-8 stainless steel hexagonal bar applications details

18/8 304 hex stainless steel bar is widely used in the field of Marine,chemical and construction,auto parts, elevators, kitchen equipment, pressure vessels,304 hexagonal bar is mainly processed rust steel hexagonal bar fasteners, Stainless steel outer hexagon bolts,304 stainless steel hexagon bolts,304 pipe joints of raw materials, 304 stainless steel bolts, stainless steel cylindrical head hexagon screws, 304 nuts,and stainless steel hexagon concave end set screws and various stainless steel 304 industrial parts and other fields.

304 hexagon bar is also used to make small force and strict requirements on the size and finish of instruments, watch parts, cars, machine tools and other kinds of machines used, strict requirements on the size accuracy and finish, and relatively low requirements on the mechanical properties of the standard parts, Such as gears, shafts, bolts, valves, bushings, pins, pipe joints, spring cushions and machine tool screws, plastic moulds, surgical and dental tools, etc 

304 hexagon bar features

  1. Hexagonal bar sizes are diverse and easy to process

  2. Environmental protection + long life,such as large bridge facilities and other building facilities

  3. Hexagonal bar has strong corrosion resistance, tensile strength and high fatigue strength

  4. The hexagonal bar has beautiful appearance, excellent surface quality and good brightness

  5. Hexagonal bar chemical composition is stable, pure steel, low inclusion content

Welcome contact us for 304 hex bars and 304 hollow bars,304 hex tube and related 304 cnc parts or 304 bushes for inquiry,just mail us info@topqualityalloy.com for your inquiry.

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