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Will Steel pipe price keep rising in 2022 after Chinese New Year?

Views: 2     Author: Ruiyang company     Publish Time: 2022-02-07      Origin: SHAANXI RUIYANG IMPORT AND EXPORT CO.,LTD

Will Steel pipe price keep rising in 2022 after Chinese New Year?

honing steel pipe

On February 7,2022 the first working days,the mainland seamless steel pipe price rising,business has started, the average price of seamless tube rose slightly.morning Rising 70RMB per ton,afternoon rise 30RMB/TON.

Raw steel pipe materials: today, the price of billet in China is relatively strong, the price of billet in Shandong rose 70 yuan/ton, and the price of billet in Jiangsu rose 80-100 yuan/ton. Because most billet production enterprises stop production for maintenance during the Spring Festival, the steel pipe billet resources are tight in the short term, and the price of billet is relatively strong. 

Pipe factory: today, most seamless pipe factory prices before the festival up 50-150 yuan/ton; Raw material price shock upward, seamless tube cost upward, tube factory resources tight, tube factory price willingness is strong

At present, although some seamless steel pipe factory has been started, but most of the seamless pipe factory is still in a state of production,the national seamless pipe factory began large-scale production after the 10th day of the first month, seamless pipe supply is still low in the short term. 

At present, a small number of markets have started, most businesses said after 8th,Feb, due to the majority of the market did not start 7th,feb, market transaction deviation, most of the market seamless tube price stable operation. Overall, tomorrow is expected to start more businesses, the national seamless tube price or strong operation.

Ruiyang company think till end of Feb maybe the steel price could rising up to 100USD,Because after Jan.1th,2022 till now the price also rising about 450RMB per ton.

If you need steel pipe urgent,the earlier the better to place order

Last year the steel pipe rising is rocket rising with the history per day rising 150USD per ton,seems crazy,Hope 2022 steel price could be stable at least not so crazy.

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