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What is the purpose of the shank on a screw?

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What is the purpose of the shank on a screw?What is the purpose of the shank on a bolt?

The shank is the threadless part of the bolt between the head and thread.There are two main ways of using the shank of the bolt. One is to make the shank increase the shearing capacity.The other way is to reduce the shank to increase the elastic resilience of the joint.    

The shank allows for heat dispersion in a screw.As the threads begin creating heat,it moves up into the shank which will take longer to heat up and will not generate nearly the same amount of friction when it goes through the wood.    

Reduced shank stud bolts unlike Full threaded stud bolts are non headed bolts,these are in form of a rod and have threads at both ends with a reduced shank.These stud bolts are popularly used in the wind energy sector and special steels are used as per customer requirement to achieve the desired results.

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