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What is reformer tube?

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Reformer tubes are heat-resistant cast alloy tubes used in steam reformer furnaces for producing hydrogen, an essential material for such processes as desulfurization at petroleum refining plants, ammonia synthesis for fertilizer production, methanol production, and direct reduced iron production.
The reformer tubes are placed inside a furnace, arranged so that each tube can ‘see’ the burner flames, promoting thermal radiation. The furnace configuration can take three forms
(1) top-fired;
Top-fired reformer, the burners are installed on the top of the radiant chamber, where the inlet gas mixture section is located. Thus, the heat flux and the gas mixture are in a ‘co-current’ configuration, i.e. the maximum heat flux is provided in the first part of the reactor, where the reactant gas is fresh and the reaction kinetics faster
(2) bottom-fired;
Bottom-fired reformer: a ‘counter-current configuration’ is applied, since the burners are located in the bottom of the radiant chamber and the gas mixture comes from the top. The maximum heat flux is supplied in the last section of the reactor, where the gas mixture is close to the equilibrium conditions. Therefore, a strong temperature increase is assured in the final part of the reactor, allowing a shift of the reaction equilibrium. However, in the first section of the reformer, where the reactant mixture is fresh, combustion gases are at their lowest temperature, so the heat flux provided is low and a strong reduction of the reactor temperature (a cold spot) can usually be observed.
(3) side-fired.
Side-fired reformer: the burners are arranged in rows on the wall of the furnace so that the heat flux profile is almost constant along the reformer’s axial coordinate. This type of furnace allows more flexible process management, since the fuel of every burner row can be modified dynamically.

Reformer tubes detailed as below:

Manufacturing standards:HG/T 2601, ASTM A608, DIN 10295,JIS G5122, etc or as per clients’ drawing and design

High alloyed Reformer tube Sizes: OD100mm-OD300mm,wall thickness:8mm-20mm producecd by centrifugal casting,spun cast,centrifugal cast tubes.

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