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What is loose flange

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What is loose flanges?

Loose flanges also called lap-joint Flange,It is a two-piece flange of stainless steel that feels like a welding neck flange and is welded with the tubes as well as a loose slip-on flange.

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DIN / EN loose flange's first part is called a' Stub-end' and is molded like piece of pipe with a tight strap on one end and a butt weld end on the other end called the core. The tight shoulder sizes are like the flange's raised face, the stub-end's top weld end is like the welding end of the flange which matches the conecction pipe's diameter and length. The hub's back face has a rounded transition that connects the hub to the collar.

DIN / EN /B16.5 Loose Flange's other component is the back flange. Backing flange dimensions are the same as other common flanges (O.D.,PCD, Bolt hole, etc.) but it does not have a raised face (the stub end has a raised face). On one side of the lap joint flange, the backside, has a slight shoulder cut in the center or pipe hole. The front panel has a plain plate and an outer filet to match the "Stub-end" part filet in the middle drawer. Before the strap is attached to the tube or suitable for attachment, the flange portion of the Lap-joint flange installation is slid on to the stub-end. In no manner is the flange itself welded or corrected. Spinning is safe for the right alies are used a lot in the low pressure piping systems   

Lap Joint Flange (Loose flange) is a device which consist of two pieces , it looks like a weld neck flange together, and it is butt welded with the pipes, it also like a loose slip-on flange. ... The flange itself is not welded or fixed in any way. It is free to spin for proper alignment with what ever it is joining tol

Now you could know clearly what is loose flanges?

Loose flange material:steel,nickel,titanium and titanium alloy

Loose flanges sizes:DN15-DN3000mm 

loose flange lap-joint Flange

Where to buy loose flanges?

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