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What is a lance tube?

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What is a lance tube?

Lance tubes suitable for lances used in lime furnace burners,blast furnace coal powder injection and sootblower elements etc.Including the oxygen lance tube,Thermal Lancing Tube,These lancing tubes are utilised in the continuous production processes for copper, demolitions, ferroalloys, platinum, scrap-cutting and steel making. The products are used for cutting and predominantly utilised during the tapping process in the foundries and smelting plants. These lance tubes are used to open holes in blast furnaces, induction furnaces and oxygen furnaces.

Oxygen Lance Pipe are small diameter pipes used with oxygen is an invaluable tool for the primary metals industry. It is used daily in almost all ferrous and non-ferrous primary production facilities.This small diameter pipe serves below purposes for these industries.       

Oxygen Lance is a hollow electric welded tube used in various sizes from 1/8″ to 2″ inside diameter. The product must be oil and grease-free to prevent explosions that may occur because of mixing oxygen and oil. Oxygen Lancing is a reliable method for tapping heats or for other production operations.

Nominal Boredia6mm,8mm,10mm,15mm,20mm for oxygen lancing tube,detailed sizes according to clients drawings

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