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What is a double end stud?

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Many people maybe asked What is a double end stud?the below pictures shows stainless steel stud end bolts,which is heavy shank,both end with thread could match related nuts and washers to fixed such as flanges,valves and others

double end stud bolts

Stud, also called double-headed screw or double-headed stud.The fixed link function used to connect the machine. The stud bolt has threads at both ends, and the middle screw is thick or thin. Generally used in mining machinery, bridges, automobiles, motorcycles, boiler steel structures, crane towers, large-span steel structures and large buildings, etc.Bolts specifically refer to screws with larger diameters, and they can also have no heads, such as stud bolts. Generally, it is not called a "stud bolt" but a "double stud bolt". The most commonly used form of double-ended studs has threads on both ends and a polished rod in the middle.

Double end stud bolts are threaded rods with equal thread length at both ends. Tap end studs are also sometimes referred as double end stud bolts. Double end stud bolts have plain shank equal to that of the nominal diameter. 

Double end studs are used for high strength bolting.The most typical stud bolt use: anchor bolts or places similar to anchor bolts,thick connections,when ordinary bolts cannot be achieved,such as joint with flanges,facilities

Double end studs bm=1d GB/T 897 Standard
Double end studs bm=1.25d GB/T 898-1988 Standard
Double end studs(clamping type) GB/T 901
Thread rods DIN975-1986 thread rod standard
Double end studs bm=1d DIN938 stud bolts
Double end studs bm=1.25d DIN939 stud bolts

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