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What Is A Bolt?

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A bolt is a form of threaded fastener with an external male thread requiring a matching pre-formed female thread such as a nut. Bolts are very closely related to screws.

These types of bolts fasteners are typically inserted through two parts, with aligned holes.

According to some definitions, whether something is a bolt or a screw depends on how it is used. A bolt is inserted through parts that all have unthreaded holes and a nut is then screwed onto the bolt to provide a clamping force and prevent axial

A screw may first pass through a first part with a clearance hole but its threads mate with threads in one of the parts being fastened. A screw may cut its own threads or mate with a threaded part. movement.In practice, this definition is rarely used. The term bolt is usually used for a fastener that has only part of its shaft threaded. Fasteners with their entire shaft threaded are normally called screws.

The unthreaded part of the shaft of a bolt is called the shank.

The shaft of the bolt prevents radial movement of the parts, while the head of the bolt and the nut if fitted, prevents axial movement.The unthreaded shank provides an interface with the parts that are more precise and less abrasive. 

The shank also does not contain stress concentrations that could lead to failure, it is therefore important that the shank extends well beyond the interface between parts if a significant shear force will be placed on the bolt.A bolt fastening a part to another part with a threaded hole, technically in this application, it is acting as a screw.Bolts often rely on axial force causing sufficient friction at the threads to remain in place. 

A torque is applied to the head to generate this axial force. The force acts between the bolt head and whatever the bolt is screwed into, whether that is a nut or one of the parts being fastened. This causes elongation of the bolt and compression of the parts containing clearance holes. Alternatively, some form of locking nut or thread-locking adhesive may be used to prevent the bolt from loosening.

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