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Titanium flanges standard

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Titanium flanges standard with titanium alloy flanges manufacturing standard detailed as below:

GB Titanium flangeGB/T9112-2000(GB9113·1-2000~GB9123·4-2000)
ANSI/ASME Ti flangeANSI B16.5 Class150、300、600、900、1500、2500(WN、SO、BL、TH、LJ、SW)ANSI B16.47,ANSI B16.48
DIN titanium flange

DIN2573 Titanium flange,



JIS titanium flangeJIS 5K,10K,16K,20K(PL,SO,BL,WN,TH,SW)
HG titanium flangesHG5010-52~HG5028-58,HGJ44-91~HGJ65-91,HG20592-97/HG20615-97
JB titanium flangeJB81-59~JB86-59、JB/T79-94~JB/T86-94、JB/T74-1994
JB FOR PRESSURE VESSELJB1157-82~JB1160-82、JB4700-2000~JB4707-2000
SHIPPING DESIGNER Ti flangeGB568-65、GB569-65、GB2503-89、GB2506-89、GB/T10745-89、GB2501-89、GB2502-89
EN Ti flangeEN1092-1 Titanium flange
AS Titanium flange standardAS4087 flange,AS2129 Flange
ISO titanium Flange standardISO7005 Flange
Gost titanium flange standardGost titanium flange

These above titanium flanges standard covers all types of Ti flanges as below in table:

Titanium plate flange
Titanium flat flange
Titanium Slip on flangestitanium loose flange
Titanium weld neck flanges
titanium long weld neck flange
titanium lap joint flange
titanium socket weld flanges
titanium thread flangetitanium Blind Flanges
Titanium Orifice Flanges
Forged Titanium Flanges
Titanium Square Flanges
Titanium RTJ Flanges
Titanium Reducing Flanges
High Hub Blinds Flanges
Titanium 8 flangeSB381 Titanium Alloy Spectacle Blind Flanges

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