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Titanium Hex Bolts

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Titanium hex bolts usually made from titanium round bars and cold head or ho fording head and cnc machined made,sizes and length various,widly used in industries Nuclear industry,Electronic equipment,Medical industry,Aerospace and daily life such as automobile,bicycle,mortor bike.

Ti hex bolts all standard as below:

GB5782 Hexagon head bolts

GB5783 Hexagon head bolts full thread

GB5785 Hexagon head bolts fine pitch thread

GB5787 Hexagon flange bolts

GB5789 Hexagon flange bolts heavy series

DIN931 Hexagon head bolts strengthen Shank half thread

DIN933 Hexagon head bolts full thread Bolts

DIN960 Hexagon head bolts reduced shank fine pitch thread

DIN6921 Flange bolts

ANSI ASME18.2 Hexagon bolts

ANSI ASME 18.2 Table 3 hexagon bolts heavy series

ANSI ASME 18.2 Table 8 hexagon flange bolts

ANSI ASME 18.2.5M metric 12point flange screws

ISO4014 Hexagon Head bolts half thread

ISO4017 Hexagon head bolts full thread

ISO8676 Hexagon head bolts fine pitch full thread

ISO4162 Hexagon Flange head bolts small series

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