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Oil And Casing Tube

Oil And Casing Tube,steel casing and tubing pipes used for oil wells API5CT Supply
Steel grade usually J55,N80,L80-1,P110,K55 API standard
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  • OD19-610mm
  • Ruiyang
  • 73043920

Oil And Casing Tube API 5CT standard supply,this technical specifications for steel casing and tubing pipes used for oil wells in petroleum and natural gas industries.

Besides casing and tubing, it also includes pup joints, coupling stock, coupling material, and accessory materials, and establishes requirements for three product specification levels (PSL-1,PSL-2 and PSL-3)

Oil and casing tube API5CT
Oil & casing Tubing Sizes:
1.05'',1.315'',1.66'',1.9'', 2-3/8'',3-1/2''and 4-1/2''
Ends Type:
BTC,UN,EUE, Premium ends that could completely replace the tubing premium connection of Vam, Tenaris,Hunting,TSH etc.
Length of the Tubing in API 5CT Spec:
R2, R3
StandardAPI 5 CT,API
Steel gradesJ55/K55,N80/N80Q/L80,P110/C110,C90,R95/T95,Q125

The requirements for PSL-1 are the basis of this standard.

Connections API 5CT is applicable to following connections which complied with API SPEC 5B:

SC: Short round thread casing

LC: Long ound thread casing

BC: Buttress thread casing

NU: Non-upset tubing

EU: External upset tubing 

IJ: Integral tubing connections 

Groups of Grade of casing tubes

Group 1: All casing and tubing in Grades with H, J, K, N and R

Group 2: All casing and tubing in Grades with C, L, M and T

Group 3: All casing and tubing in Grade P

Group 4: All casing in Grade Q

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