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How Strong are Titanium Rods

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How strong are titanium rods?how strong is a titanium rod?The strength of Titanium Rods are dependent on the Grade

how strong are titanium rods

Titanium is the 9th most abundant metal that can be found in the earth's crust. As a transition metal, Titanium has a high strength to low weight ratio that makes it extremely durable and reliable.For many industries,Titanium provides some of the most envied properties which essentially makes it a metal of choice.

The pure titanium JIS 1 kind has a tensile strength of 270 to 410 (N / mm 2 ), which is the same as SS400 of rolled steel for general structure.Titanium can be strong, small, light and thin

Pure Titanium Rods

Grades 1 to 4 are considered to be Titanium in its purest form.Titanium Rod in Grades 1 to 4 supply

Grade 1.

When compared to other metallic rods, the Grade 1 Titanium Rod is the softest,most ductile metal.Grade 1 Titanium offers a high level of formability and corrosion resistance,not forgetting impact toughness.Our Titanium Rods are designed to suit a wide range of applications,including chemical processing,architecture and automotive parts,medical industry for surgical implants and equipment.

Grade 2.Referred to as the commercially pure''workhorse''

Grade 2 Titanium Rods provide useful strength for a vast range of applications.To compare Grade 2 with Grade 1 Titanium,Grade 2 is slightly stronger and offers great weldability,strength and ductility which ultimately makes it a prime choice of industries.

Grade 2 Titanium rods can be used for similar applications as the Grade 1 ones but is used for power generation,hydro-carbon processing and desalination too.

Grade 4.

Grade4 is Titanium in its strongest form. One of the main reasons why Grade 4 Titanium is so popular is that it provides corrosion resistance and exceptional strength.Having been discovered by the medical industry,Titanium is used today for medical equipment and implants and this doesn't just include Titanium Rods! The Titanium Bars and Titanium Sheet come in handy for many different medical applications too.

Alloyed Titanium Rods-Titanium is alloyed with another metal for greater strength.

Combining properties of Titanium with other metals will provide a reliable metal that is guaranteed to provide you with the best quality.

Grade 5.

As the ''workhorse'' alloy,Grade 5 has countless benefits and widly used. Although Grade 5 Titanium is renowned for its high strength to low weight, strength can be increased through heat treatment. Like any other Titanium Rod or Titanium Plate, Grade 5 offers resistance to corrosion.Gr 5 widely used in aerospace,marine,medical,chemical processing industries.Gr5 Titanium Rods are used to create aircraft turbines,engine components and automatic parts.

Grade 7.

Grade 7 rods are similar to Grade 2 Titanium.The physical and mechanical strength of Grade 7 can be linked closely to the Grade 2 Titanium rods, only Gr7 offer more resistance to corrosion and have high weldability and farcicality.Grade 7 Titanium comes in handy when manufacturing production equipment and components and designed to suit chemical processing applications,offering high strength and reliability.

Grade 11.

Gr11 titanium rods are designed to offer a likeness to Grade 1 Titanium but are alloyed with another metal to enhance resistance against corrosion. Grade 11 Titanium supplies tend to be used for applications that require resistance to corrosion and acids,ultimately providing optimum ductility and impact toughness.

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