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High temperature radiant tube

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High temperature radiant tube with so many kinds type like Winding type radiation tube,lotus knot type radiation tube, squirrel cage type radiation tube,radiation heater,cast aluminum heating plate,electric heating radiation tube,cast aluminum heater,heating element, heater and heating furnace series, etc., all kinds of electric heating machinery products designed for customers,we mainly supply gas and electric heating radiant tubes with centrifugal casting tube and casting elbows

Electric heating radiant tube is a kind of consuming electricity transformation as the heat source,also one kind of high temperature radiant tube, to need heating items for heating Cryogenic fluid medium hair heat pipe work through pipes under pressure into the input port, along the electric heating container inside a in hot runner, the application of gas electric heating tube fluid thermodynamics the direction of the basic principle of design, take away the gas produced in the electric heating element in the work of electric heating tube of high temperature thermal power, make the electrical heating tube is gas heating medium temperature, electric heating tube exports To the process requirements of high temperature media electric heating tube internal control system according to the output of the temperature sensor signal of the electric heating tube power adjustment, so that the gas electric heating tube outlet media temperature symmetry; When the heating components of the gas electric heating pipe overtemperature, the independent hot protection device of the heating components immediately disconnect the heating power supply, to prevent the overheating of the heating items in the gas electric heating pipe from coking deterioration and carbonization, and seriously cause the heating components in the gas electric heating pipe to burn out, effectively extending the service life of the electric heating pipe

Gas radiant pipe has straight pipe type, casing type, U type, W type, O type, P type, three fork type

U type radiant tube used for CAL and CGL

Welcome contact us for customed high temperature radiant tube inquiry,material always heat-resistant steel casting like HH,HK,HK40,1.4848,1.5845,2535,2848W5,UMCO50,and others



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